The Goodess Collection


Year: 2021

Dubai Expo Collection

Year: 2020-2021

Created uniquely for the Dubai Expo 2020, Phiale is referring to the golden shallow bowl, part of the Panagyurishte treasure (early 3rd century BC), which is currently displayed in the Bulgarian Pavilion. As one of the best known surviving artefacts of Thracian culture, the Phiale has been displayed at various museums around the world.

Interstellar Collection

This collection is in memory of my grandmother. It is dedicated to all the women who lost their momentum, but they continue to summon energy.

Year: 2020

The all-explaining theory about the Universe is in focus for all the physicists since Einstein first attempted to search for it. I am in the seach for the all-explaining theory of the soul. Each and every one of us is a vast space of energy, which is in constant transformation...

The Seven Chakras Collection

This collection is in memory of my mother

Year: 2018-2020

The main focus of the artworks in this collection is the chakra philosophy, and thus the works can be seen as illustrating the cartography of inner peace. The idea of powerful centers of harmony and physiological betterment in the body stems from an ancient Hindu tradition...

Popular Artworks

Root Chakra
What is the root to the tree? I know you all know. But answering this question is fundamental for understanding ...
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The Earth-Copy
“Most planets are historically related with man figures. Especially those of high authority - kings, gods, ...
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The Moon-Copy
She is the manifestation of the power to remain true to yourself even when the outer world is trying so hard to ...
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Solar Plexus Chakra-Copy
Love. Love for the others but also for yourself. Trust. Trust others but also trust yourself. Falling in love. With ...
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