About Mika

Mika Sav (29) is an entrepreneur and self-taught artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Mika is chosen among the top young leaders within the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30. Signature projects she is leading are the platform for leadership growth - Leader Talks, and the coworking space - 1Hub. Currently she is an Official Participant @ DUBAI EXPO 2020, where she is exhibiting her art in the Bulgarian Pavilion. Among the signature canvases she created especially for the Expo are “Phiale”, featuring the astonishing resemblance between the Golden Bowl from the famous Bulgarian Panagyurishte Golden Treasure and the logo of the Expo, as well as Cyrilla, referring to the Cyrillic alphabet.

Her artist debut was held in July 2020, within an exclusive event showcasing her first series - The Seven Chakras. Finalist from the prestigious Contemporary Art Contest • MOST • , organized by VIVACOM ArtHall Oborishte 5. Besides her artistic side, Mika graduated Entrepreneurship in Babson College, MA and had her Masters Degree in Financial Management in the University of Bordeaux. 

Artist Statement

As an artist, my main focus and inspiration is revolving around femininity and feminine energy as the all-embracing force that creates life and brings order in the chaos. I believe that the world needs more feminine energy - a more subtle force that does not command, but leads, which does not fight, but includes, which does not conquer, but involves. The magic that female energy brings in any system or organisation is multi-dimensional, yet among the most important effects that comes with more femininity is understanding - the simple pure human acceptance of our differences.

Especially given the current crisis times we are living in - with the ever growing social gap between people and all the preconditions it creates for tensions, clashes and unrest, I think it is more important than ever to give way to women's leadership and its coping mechanisms. Both as an artist and as entrepreneur, I believe that authentic female leadership is instrumental and more impactful in times of transition. There is a need of more feminine attitude and inclusivity during the societal transformation we are living in.

Through my paintings I want to bring that - to install more intuition, more warmth, insight and passion to each space. My art is a way to evoque more feminine energy in the world of the future, as I believe humanity will need it more than ever.

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